Quickie Clarification…

So this morning I was thinking about my post yesterday and realized that I should have addressed something: “vegan” pasta.  There are some things I didn’t know until I started reading more in-depth on the subject.  The short version is, if you’re using organic dry pasta or 100% durum wheat, durum semolina or macaroni wheat pasta, most likely you need not have any worries about animal product inclusion.  But fresh pasta made with eggs, some Chinese noodles and obviously egg noodles are not vegan.  From what I’ve been skimming over the Internet and other sources, there is some speculation about eggs or other animal products being used in either the dry pasta making process or in the processing of other foods in the same factory, which raises sanitation/contamination issues for hardcore vegans.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell sometimes.  All I can say is, if you have doubts about your pasta being vegan, check the label.  If anything looks suspicious, Google or Wikipedia it.  Stay informed!  If anyone has any other insightful info about this topic, please post it!  I would love to read more.

Oh, and since I didn’t do it yesterday after all that talk, here is a picture of a cupcake!

An Earl Gray Cupcake!!!!!

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